These tips were originally published on April 26, 2020. Click here for a downloadable PDF.

Top Ten Tips For Teachers - COVID-19 Series

COVID-19 Digital Learning Tips
Top 10 Tips For Teachers

ONE: Create a centralized location for communication with students and families. Only use district and school approved platforms and communication channels. Protect personal data.

TWO: Focus on the pedagogy, not just the platform. Invite student engagement and feedback. Provide students with individualized support.

THREE: Be visible and keep your students in front of you. Students need to hear your voice and see your smiling face. Lead with care and compassion.

FOUR: Limit cognitive load. Reduce the number of clicks. Use just a few digital content partners and tools. Select the best and stay with them.

FIVE: Set classroom norms. Revisit social contract. What does trust and respect look like in this new online learning environment? Set expectations.

SIX: Keep things simple. Determine your priorities and cut expectations in half. Focus on the essential standards. use a simple lesson structure.

SEVEN: Communication is key to success. Monday distribute a class agenda. Friday summarize the learning. Celebrate successes. Praise often.

EIGHT: Consider the needs of our most vulnerable learners. (e.g. Sp.Ed, EL, low-SES) Select accessible resources. Text is universal. use closed caption videos.

NINE: Be flexible within routines. use predictable patterns with no hared deadline. Have lots of practice before assessing the learning and providing feedback.

TEN: Make lessons fun and engaging, with encouraging regular feedback. Consider opportunities for hands-on engagement. Use humor, silliness, and play.

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