Professional Development

Mindset Reset – Collaborative Boards for SEL and Classroom Culture

Want a lesson you can use to help create a mindset reset for your students? This screencast will show you two different collaborative board tools and their corresponding lessons that you can use in your classroom at any time to help students set their own goals and expectations as well as create connections and classroom community.

Screencast: Mindset Lesson Roadshow

Are you looking for free, ready made resources for mindset and social emotional learning? This screencast walks you through resources to explore and use immediately in the classroom.

Templates: Self Reflection K-2 Math & Reading

These templates can be shared with students to use to set goals and reflect on their learning. Choose a skill and administer a formative assessment. Students graph their baseline data from that assessment and record their strengths and goals for growth. Then, they make a plan for improvement. After recording the results of two subsequent formative assessments, students note if they have shown improvement over time, and make a plan for what they should do next to enhance their own learning.

Metacognition Toolbox with Google Forms

This document consists of hyperlinks to Google Forms with metacognitive activities, teachers can make a copy of the form to use with their students. Each form has questions using a metaphor which allows students to think about their learning in a new way, concluding with a rate your learning scale.
**The questions can also be integrated with other applications such as Padlet, EasyRetro, Microsoft Forms, Nearpod, or Peardeck.

Foundations of Social Emotional Learning

This document is a preliminary guide for the foundations of introducing social-emotional learning into classrooms as well as schools and districts as a whole. This document is a summary of work from the Collaborative for Academic Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as well as the Social-Emotional Competencies Standards created by professors in the Butler College of Education for the Indiana Department of Education.

Video: Fostering a Growth Mindset with Google Classroom

Decades of research have demonstrated that a student’s mindset is a critical factor that impacts how comfortable and motivated whether they are in person or remote. Specifically, students who possess a growth mindset are more motivated to learn and take on more challenges compared to students with fixed mindsets (Blackwell, Trzesniewski, & Dweck, 2007). This video will focus on the role of Google Classroom as an educational technology tool to foster a student’s development and approach to learning.


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