Professional Development

Video: Student Workspaces

Video of different learning workspaces. Flat and tidy, cluttered and uncluttered , few/no distractions so the student is ready to learn.

Canvas Media Tool

Infographic designed to provide instructions for using the Upload/Record Media Tool in Canvas as well as discuss possible implementation for building class communities in an online teaching environment.

Chromebook Shortcuts

This is a series of resource sheets with Chromebook Shortcuts for students or any Chromebook users (teachers, administrators, families). They can be used individually to introduce users to Chromebook shortcuts gradually or be used in the merged slide deck for more advanced Chromebook users.

Virtual Culture Building Routines

This artifact provides teachers with 9 routines that they can establish in their classroom to help foster a positive culture online. Each tip comes with a few examples and/or digital tools teachers can use to establish that routine.

Supporting Students at Home

This artifact provides parents 8 tips for supporting their students during distance learning. The infographic also provides links to more detailed instructions and examples related to each tip. These tips are meant to support parents with students at any grade level.

Classroom, School, & Staff Culture Building with 16 Personalities

This artifact introduces viewers to the Myers Briggs Indicator Tool, which classifies people into one of 16 personality types based on 4 criteria. It provides examples for teachers of how this tool can be used with students to build an understanding classroom culture as well as examples for administrators of how this tool can be used within departments and PLCs to create highly functioning teams.

Teacher Introduction to Google Classroom – A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you need to learn Google Classroom from the basics? This step-by-step tutorial will take you through each area of Google Classroom and give you tasks to complete to build your own Google Classroom and experiment with the different features before sharing with your students. These step-by-step directions will take you from a beginner to an advanced Google Classroom teacher.

Meet the Teacher Digital Template

Create a digital meet the teacher slideshow to share with your students’ families, including a Screencastify video, Flipgrid activity, Student Information Google Form Template, 360 Classroom Image, Volunteer Sign-ups, and much more. Create a copy of this template and then edit the slides to fit your own classroom.


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