Professional Development

Podcast: Digital Learning Apps & Professional Development

In this episode of The Battle Born Digital Learning Podcast, hosts Maggie Cox & Kyle Anderson chat with Lucas Leavitt and Derek Krallman about the challenges of transitioning to Canvas this school year, how they are helping to provide professional learning about digital learning apps to educators, and some of their favorite tools for use in the classroom. Check out the shownotes for this episode at

Gamify Your Digital Classroom

This infographic contains ideas, links, and templates for how to gamify your digital classroom. Categories include Google Suite templates, game platforms for learning vocabulary, various games with Flippity, and class competition platforms.

Virtual Chat: Teaching Diverse Learners

This month Jordana is joined by Nevada’s 2020 Teacher of the Year, Juliana Urtubey, Nevada Board Member Felicia Ortiz, UNLV education instructor Averill Kelley, and Assistant Principal of Orr Middle School, Dr. Jena Salazar. This month’s conversation focuses on what families can expect from educators to support their diverse learners.

Staying Organized on a Digital Platform

Webinar, One-Pager, and Digital Resources
This webinar explores 3 tips for staying organized on your digital LMS and provide digital templates, image icons, and Canvas HTML code you can copy right into your Canvas course.

Screencast: Kapwing- Designing with Every Learner in Mind

This video explains how to use Kapwing to add subtitles to videos and design with every learner in mind. Kapwing can also be helpful for teachers and students as it has video editing and creation tools that can be used for free!

Webinar: Digital Differentiation in a Math Classroom

Live Webinar
In this webinar, digital engineers will discuss a variety of digital tools teachers can use to differentiate their instruction in a math classroom. Presenters will show attendees how to use tools for both elementary and secondary students.


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