Professional Development

Nearpod Interactive Videos

Nearpod has Digital Citizenship lessons for all grade levels. Use Nearpods Interactive Video feature to engage students and check for understanding at the same time. You can insert questions at anytime throughout the video, so as students view the video, it will automatically stop and ask them to answer a question. You can use Nearpods video library, YouTube, or even make your own videos.

Video: Peardeck Templates for SEL and Mindfulness

Using pre-made templates from PearDeck helps teachers with SEL and mindfulness. These templates are interactive and give teachers immediate feedback on how their students are doing. You can use them with remote learning or in person. Access already made templates to use with your students today!

Vodcast: The NVincible Episode 2

Discuss strategies for writing across the curriculum focusing on using poetry to express understanding of information or opinions on a subject.

Podcast: Digital Engineer Spotlight: Jordana McCudden

In this episode of The Battle Born Digital Learning Podcast, hosts Maggie Cox & Kyle Anderson have a conversation with Jordana McCudden, Nevada Digital Learning Collaborative Digital Engineer, about the virtual chat series that she produced for the NVDLC, her new role in social media to promote the NVDLC, and much more! These resources and more can be found at Check out the show notes for this episode at


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