These tips were originally published on April 30, 2020. Click here for a downloadable PDF.

Top Ten Remote Learning Tips for Parents

Remote Learning Tips
Top Ten Tips For Parents

ONE: Be active in Learning. Take an active interest and participate in the learning alongside your child when possible. Encourage a growth mindset.

TWO: Keep safe online. Monitor your child’s activity online and ensure they use school district approved digital tools for all work and communication.

THREE: Make a space for learning. Identify a learning space where your child can work free of distractions.

FOUR: Establish a schedule. Establish a healthy daily schedule with routines. Have times for quiet and reflection. Encourage physical activity and exercise Don’t forget snack time and recess.

FIVE: Balance online with offline. Encourage offscreen activities such as reading together, physical activity, and creative projects.

SIX: Keep calm and manage stress. Make the most of unusual circumstances. Model how to manage feelings. Offer extra hugs and support.

SEVEN: Manage mental health and wellbeing. Answer your child’s questions about the pandemic simply and honestly. Recognize your child’s feeling. Encourage them to connect with friends through video chats.

EIGHT: Set goals and make plans. Support your child as they build self-regulation skills. Have daily check-ins, help them learn how to make a daily learning plan and monitor their progress toward goals.

NINE: Establish expectations. Don’t let your child treat this as a vacation. Establish learning expectations. Celebrate success. Know when not to respond.

TEN: Maintain communication. Maintain communication with your child’s teacher(s). Check your email for updates from your child’s school.