Change is never easy. Going from face-to-face instruction in a classroom with your peers, to an online environment at home may be quite a shock for some people, yet not a problem for others. We each have different learning styles. Finding your particular style of learning is part of maturing. Online learning is one such style.

Many universities use online courses in their pathways. Many employers use some form of online learning and professional development for career advancement. I would venture to say that MOST of you spend a lot of time online as well. There is no time like the present to embrace this form of delivery for YOUR education.

The important thing to remember is that learning is something you will do each and every day of your life. It is up to YOU to continue your education. Education, in all of its many forms, is there for you to gain what you can from it, grow as an individual, and prepare for the future that you want to have. It isn’t up to any particular teacher, your friends, or even your parents. It is up to YOU and how you want to shape your future and the kind of person you want to be.

Below are some reminders and advice to consider when learning in the online environment. Life is what you make of it. Life is an adventure. Be an active participant in YOUR education. What will YOU learn today?

Important Reminders for Students When Learning Online

  • Check your email & communicate. You must remain an active participant in your learning. Communicate often with your teacher through the method they prescribe for you.
  • Plan your time each day and schedule breaks. Work with your caregiver to plan out a schedule for the day’s study time. Think about following the regular school day or make one of your own that fits better with your family’s schedule. Remember to include regular “brain” breaks.
  • Have a distraction free place to work/study. A desk with all the tools you need at hand is always the best. The most important place though is one where you can relax, process the information you are accessing, and complete the activities requested. For younger students, a quiet place where parents/caregivers can support the learning is optimal.
  • Focus on learning styles that work best for you. If you receive optional activities to work on, try several of them to see which learning style/activity you like best and helps you learn. You may find a different learning style that works for you better than you thought!
  • Become familiar with the technology and tools needed to participate in the work. Seek out resources to help you understand a new technology, device, or tool. Ask Google for resources. Lifelong learning is important for everyone to take part in. Search for answers on your own first, then reach out to others when you have tried everything else. 
  • Collaborate with others. Conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet will allow you to visually collaborate with your classmates and teacher. You can work on projects together, hold club meetings, and so much more! You can also collaborate via phone or email. Many conferencing apps work on a smartphone as well.

Take care of yourself! Use proper hygiene, wash your hands often using soap and warm water while singing your favorite song for 20 seconds or more, and do your best to follow the safety measures put in place by your parents and other individuals at this time.