The Nevada Digital Learning Collaborative (NvDLC) welcomes our digital engineers, experts in using teaching and learning pedagogy from across the state of Nevada to enhance student learning and achievement. This exceptional group will be onboarded familiarizing themselves with the superintendent’s vision, the project/initiative organization chart & policies, roles and expectations, point of contact, access to required work resources, and culture of the network. It also involves creating an environment in which the entire team is made comfortable enough to interact freely and establish social, virtual, connections with colleagues. We believe the quicker each member of the network is empowered to do their jobs, the faster they are likely to become valuable, contributing members of the NvDLC.

Digital Engineers will have the following resources for support (please click on available links below):

The NvDLC is a network of educators demonstrating characteristics of innovation, passion, and dedication – a majestic scene of professionals working together for Nevada.