These tips were originally published on May 19, 2020. Click here for a downloadable PDF.

Top Ten Tips for Science

Digital Resources
Top 10 Tips For Science

ONE: EurekAlert! Operated by American Association for the Advancement of Science – AAAS, daily trending science news, images, videos, & more are available here.

TWO: Next Generation Science Storylines. A storyline is a coherent sequence of lessons, in which each step is driven by students’ questions that arise from their interactions with phenomena.

THREE: Phenomenal GRC Lessons. This site is a collection of vetted, three-dimensional lessons aligned to the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Science (NVACSS).

FOUR: Pathways. Lessons, Activities, and Videos on Basic Biomedical Science for grades 6-12.

FIVE: Virtual Science Learning Resources. These resources are available to assist teachers in digital learning and planning.

SIX: Phenomena for NGSS. Creating the Next Generation of Student Engagement with phenomena searchable by topic or Disciplinary Core Idea.

SEVEN: Phenomena Ideas. Anchoring phenomena organized by Disciplinary Core Idea. From Model-Based Inquiry to support student sense making.

EIGHT: Technical Education Research Centers (TERC). This is a collection of free TERC resources to help educators, parents, students, and other educators.

NINE: OpenSciEd. Any science teacher can access available, high quality, and adaptable materials.

TEN: National Science Teaching Association. Check out the online resources we have available, including our Interactive eBooks+, web seminars, and free book chapters.