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Family-School Connection

Ideas families can use to strengthen the connection

Get to Know the Classroom

  • Attend Back-to-School Night and teacher conferences.
  • Visit the school and its website.
  • Learn about the teacher’s expectations.
    • Grades
    • Homework
    • Behavior
  • Find out how best to contact the teacher.
  • Let your school know if you have concerns.
  • Don’t share any frustrations you may have about school in front of children.

Participate in School Activities

  • Be a classroom helper or homeroom parent.
  • Organize and/or work at fundraising activities and other special events, like bake sales, car washes, and book fairs.
  • Chaperone field trips.
  • Plan class parties.
  • Attend sporting events.
  • Join the school’s parent-teacher group.
  • Work as a library assistant reading a story to the class.
  • Give a talk for career day.
  • Attend school concerts or plays.

Make Time at Home to Talk About Learning

  • Encourage reading.
  • Talk about school.
  • Model being a lifelong learner. Let your child see you reading, writing, and using technology.
  • Reinforce learning at home and show your child the skills they’re learning are applicable to everyday life.
  • Teach them that learning is their job.
  • Encourage your child to share what they notice or wonder.
  • Ask questions about what they are reading.
  • Make sure all work is completed.
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