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An infographic picture of recommendations for building community with families.

Building Community with Families


  • Send a welcome post card to the family at the beginning of the year (It can be digital).
  • Have a family member complete a digital form at the beginning of the year asking them for their preferred way to communicate.
  • Create a monthly digital newsletter to send to families.
  • Call families once a quarter with positives.
  • Text a photo of the child in their learning environment Item.


  • Plan monthly Family/Student activities.
  • Have students interview their families about a topic.
  • Invite a family member to make a guest read aloud video.


  • School calendars.
  • Daily agendas.
  • Office hours for homework help.
  • Classroom expectations.
  • A list of websites students can interact with during the summer or as an extension to their learning.


  • Inform families about digital learning during back to school nights, via emails, digital newsletters, and your website.
  • Explain how digital learning allows students to work at their own pace and meet standards.
  • Explain how digital learning allows for personalized learning.