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First Days of School: Digital Learning

First Days of School: Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Digital content provides entry level depth of knowledge. Educators
facilitate higher level thinking and hold students accountable with small
group discussions and authentic assessment opportunities.
Digital tools can be used to allow students to collaborate and demonstrate
understanding of concepts.
Ensure that you follow copyright laws for content you create and preview
all other content you plan to deploy with students.

The Power of Data and Feedback
Use a variety of sources of data to make instructional decisions.
Feedback should be specific, timely, and actionable. Feedback is most
powerful if there are examples.
Encourage students to track their data to promote ownership of their

Authentic Assessment Opportunities
Using the “4C’s” of 21st century learning (creativity, critical thinking,
collaboration, and communication) to engage students allows educators to
better assess understanding and prepare students for a global society.
Authentic assessments are product driven that showcase students original
thoughts and understanding providing educators a true gage of mastery.

Personalized Learning Plan
Customize the learning for each student’s strengths, needs, skills and
Empower students by giving them “voice and choice” in their learning.
Leverage technology to differentiate instruction.

Create Classroom Community
Build respectful classroom relationships with your students and foster
healthy student peer to peer relationships.
Create challenging, engaging learning experiences that include student
perspectives and values.

Develop Orientation Plan
Demonstrate functionality of the tools and platforms for your students.
Provide students with clear guidelines and expectations for using
technology for education.
Set digital classroom norms.