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Canvas Media Tool

Canvas Media Tool

Building Student Relationships in a Digital Environment

The Upload/Record Media allows educators to record video or audio files. It is featured on the Rich Content Editor.

Getting Started

  1. Start a new Page, Assignment, or Announcement
  2. Select the Upload/Record Media tool.
  3. Enable webcam and microphone the first time you use.
  4. Click Start Recording to begin recording and Finish to stop.
  5. Name your video.
  6. Select Save to add to page.

Ideas for Use in Canvas

On Pages:

Use the Upload/Record Media tool to:

  • Read directions to students.
  • Create a morning message.
  • Share an important reminder.
  • Introduce each unit of learning.
  • Summarize learning at the end of a unit/module.
  • Add a silly meme or mimic a social media moment

In Announcements:

Use the Upload/Record Media tool to:

  • Add a personalized greeting in announcements.
  • Share upcoming class events.
  • Share a tip, fact, or joke of the day.
  • Feature a VIP student or spotlight student work.

On Assignments:

Use the Upload/Record Media tool to:

  • Provide individualized feedback.
  • Provide coaching or redirection tips for an assignment.
  • Students can record audio/video comments to instructor.
  • Celebrate student success.