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Gimkit is a game based platform where students earn virtual money they can use to strategize their play. Questions can be teacher-created or use premade ones from the library. Seasonal games are added for
increased engagement.


Self paced game where students answer questions and feedback is given as memes. Teachers can create their own quizzes or search the library of items. Teachers can play live in face-to-face sessions or asynchronously.

Time To Climb

A feature within Nearpod, students select an avatar and climb a mountain, explore outer space or swim underwater while answering teacher made questions. Students can track points and progress with the position on the mountain.

Breakout EDU

Students solve a variety of content based puzzles and determine combinations of locks. Students have 60 minutes to break out of the locks. Can be played in person or through distance learning.


In a game show format, students answer content questions within a time limit. Class plays synchronously either face-to-face or in distance learning.

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