These tips were originally published on August 20, 2020. Click here for a downloadable PDF.

Step by Step for Hosting Virtual Open House

Practical Ideas to Connect with Families This Fall


As the building leaders, decide on key components:

  • Which virtual meeting platform (Google Meet, Zoom, etc)?
  • What key details do you want to share with families, if any?
    • for example – Admin Welcome to School:
      • Record yourself touring the school, and/or
      • Use presentation software to share important school information (via PPT or Slides), then record yourself presenting via online screen recorder (Screencastify, WeVideo)
    • Data Collection? Feedback forms, Student info, Attendance
  • Schedule your dates/times. How long/frequency for each “virtual session”? 25 min sessions with 5 minute transition times? Have several available session times to allow options for parents with multiple children to attend.


  • Teachers create a presentation (slideshow or video) introducing their classroom to students and families.
  • Each teacher hosts the virtual open house via your choice of Virtual Meeting platform for students/families
  • The first 10-15 minutes, teachers share the Admin presentation and their own presentation with families via screen share. The remaining time is for Q&A.
  • Create calendar appts based on your decided day/times to generate meeting links. Each session will have a separate link. The teacher’s meeting links should be shared with his/her families.

NOTE: Your teachers will need time to practice before the big day. If possible, during the open house, team teachers so as one teacher presents, another teacher/staff member can manage the chat room, tech issues, etc.


Communicate with families the specific details about this new process. They will need:

  • The why – Why the change, how this will help them and their kids
  • Advance notice – at least two weeks is best
  • Many reminders – via email, social media, phone calls, etc.
  • Tech support – Let families know which website to use, any app that may need to be downloaded, and the tech support page for the platform you’re using.

Elementary example | High School example


It’s the big day! Send out one last reminder to families an hour before, including the specific links each teacher will be using for each session.

If you have extra staff on hand, have them join a class session in which the teacher may need extra support.


Check in with staff and families:

  • Overall thoughts and feelings?
  • Any revisions to make for next time?
  • What celebrations can you now share with staff and community?