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Canvas Toolbox

A Guide to Canvas Tools: The Basics


Pages are a blank canvas with different formatting options that can be used to
provide information, share resources, add customization, or anything for students to
view. You can modify a page by typing directly into the text box in Canvas, copy and
paste from another document, or add HTML code.


Assignments are used for student demonstration of learning. Assignment
modifications include title, description, points, group, submission type (attached
document, URL, etc), and assignment availability. Assignments can be assigned to an
entire class or groups.


Canvas quizzes can be used to assess knowledge or collect information. There are 4
types of quizzes: point-based quizzes, practice quizzes, graded surveys, & ungraded
surveys. Quizzes can have multiple choice, true/false, fill-in, multiple answers,
dropdown, matching, numerical, formula, or essay questions.


Discussions is a platform where students can participate in interactive
communication that is facilitated and monitored by an instructor. Discussion posts
can include text, embedded files, images, hyperlinks, or videos and can be assigned
to the whole class or groups.


Modules create the flow of a class. They are used to organize content and guide
students towards next steps. Modules can include pages with content or materials,
assignments, discussions, quizzes, files, or external links to multimedia. ‘Next’
buttons are added automatically in modules, so students know exactly where to go.