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Google Forms for Education

Why Google Forms?

Google Forms are free. Collaborate and share with co-workers and teams. Quickly create a form or survey to collect information, feedback or data. Send forms to anyone (students, parents, teachers, friends). Choose from a variety of question types. Embed images and videos. Differentiate by going to different pages based on answers. Build in data visualization.

Combine with Google Sheets for even more power

Sort, format, and analyze the information. Use formulas and graph data. Use Add-ons to add even more functionality.


Collect contact information. Classroom rosters. Sign up sheets. Exit tickets/Bell Ringers. Student check-in/check-out sheet. Turn in link for variety of options. Peer review. Contact and discipline log. Self grading assessments.

Administration and Staff

Survey staff, students, parents, and community. Gather information, opinions, and feedback. Walkthrough observations. Managing tasks (help desk or tech support, student incident reports, maintenance and supply requests, manage budgets, inventory, and resources with Sheets).

Google Forms + Sheets + Add-on like Autocrat = MAGIC

Autocrat Add-on takes all the information from your form/sheet and merges it into Google Document or Slide. Turn hard to read spreadsheet data into easy to read documents. Form letters with personal information. Make certificates.