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Culture Building with 16 Personalities

The Myers Briggs Indicator is a personality test that categorizes people into one of 16 personality types based on their preferences with 4 different criteria.

Energy: Extrovert v. Introvert; Thinking: Sensor v. Intuitive; Values: Thinker v. Feeler; Lifestyle: Judger v. Perceiver

Classroom Culture
Have students take the test and read about their personality type
Students can analyze their strengths and weaknesses
Help students understand how to work harmoniously with classmates based on personality type
Explore career options
Make group pairings by personality type

School Staff Culture
Staff members on the same team or in the same department can
discuss similarities and differences in personality types.
Help team members understand motivations behind their own actions and the decisions of others
Set group norms around the needs of each team member based on personality type