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Communicating with Students and Parents

Communication is Key!

Communicating with students and families is the key to
success in traditional and virtual learning
Introduce yourself before school starts by sending
them a newsletter through regular mail, email, a phone
call, or virtual “Meet the Teacher” online call!
Finding a way to maintain communication with families
helps build rapport and positively impacts student and
parent participation, engagement, and success. Teachers
communicate to inform, involve, and engage students in
their learning journey.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Teachers create a welcoming environment to
promote student and family engagement and provide
opportunities for additional guidance through
communicating with students and families in several
ways. Let students and parents know that you value
their questions and concerns and encourage them to
reach out throughout the school year: Call, text, email or schedule an appointment

Create Mutual Expectations for Communication

Provide information that details the frequency and types of contact they can
expect from you and what you expect from them. Academic success of students
is higher when they are engaged, feel comfortable asking for additional
guidance, and have consistent access to their teacher.

Online and In-Person Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication

  • Teacher in Class communicates what students need to know and do and helps build community
  • Teacher and Individual Student and/or Parent communication exhibits open lines of communication and allows each individual to feel like they play a valuable role. This gives the teacher a chance to discuss individual needs and successes, areas of interest, and goals for improvement. This is a great time to setup a consistent schedule, too!
  • Weekly or Daily Newsletters can provide updates, upcoming lessons, resources, activities, and celebrate class successes. This can be distributed via email, teacher website, or your classroom portal to keep your students involved and engaged in your class.

Share Contact and Schedule Information!

  • Required class meetings
  • Open office hours for students
  • Open office hours for individuals
  • Email address
  • Phone number or text
  • Video meetings.

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