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Teacher Exploration of CODAP

About Codap:

Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) is a free educational
software designed for data analysis. This web web-based data science tool
was developed as a platform for students grades 6 – 14.

Getting started with CODAP:

You might try this dataset: Only
CODAP, JSON, CSV, and TXT files can be imported into this applet.

Try to create graphs that show:

  • The distribution of fuel economy when driving in the city for vehicles that have automatic and manual transmission. Also indicate in this graph whether a vehicle is classified as a hybrid engine (Y orange) or not (N blue).
  • The relationship between City and Highway fuel economy with the number of cylinders in an engine.

Explore the data by click on rows in the table, on data points in the graphs and on legends below the graphs for different categories. What do you notice? Try clicking in a graph and exploring the different measures under the rule menu.

  1. What did you learn about fuel economy for these vehicles?
  2. Did anything surprise you?
  3. What do you wonder about? Make a new graph to explore your questions further with the variables available in this data set. Describe what you investigated and what you discovered in the data.
  4. How did the linked multiple representations assist you in describing trends in the data?

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