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Teacher Exploration of Desmos

About Desmos:

Desmos provides teachers with information on how to view
students’ answers and provides sample questions to pose to
students in a classroom discussion.

Key Features:

  • Create Class Codes for Multiple Courses
  • Generate Activities Unique to Course Material
  • Duplicate and Edit Existing Activities
  • Easily Accessible for Both Students and Teachers

Exploration Activity

Link to example Desmos Activity:

  1. Begin by creating the class code and then sharing the link by clicking “View Dashboard” once the code is created.
  2. Once all students are logged into the activity (students are listed in the dashboard) it’s optional to allow students to work through the activity, or to pace the students by using the “Pacing” tool by restricting the students to see certain slides at once. There is also a pause tool that can be utilized to limit students from accessing the activity completely.
  3. The dot marked in the student’s row indicates that the student has successfully completed that portion of the activity. Responses are visible when viewing each individual slide.
  4. To end the activity, simply have all students exit the activity from their devices.

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