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Student Engagement Ideas

Simple Ideas That Will Have a HUGE Impact

Badge-ify Your Class

Have Students Showoff Their Learning

Use websites like Credly or Canva to easily create
badges – students can show off their progress!

Give Out Unique Rewards

Reward Students with Easy Rewards

Different seating option, wear sunglasses in class, first
to leave, positive note home, class game.

Give Students Choice

Students Show Their Knowledge Their Way

Give students options or create a playlist for students to
choose from to model their learning or understanding.

Show Learning Destinations

Create a World for Your Students

Instead of a unit overview, change or display the unit as
a world the students might see in a video or board
game. Label tests or quizzes as levels or checkpoints.
Have students create their own avatars that move alone
as they reach different parts.

Give Starts Instead of Points

Simplify Grades

Instead of giving points, use stars, or emojis to give
students an idea of their work or progress.

Gamify Your Class

Change Wording to Relate to Students

Instead of:
Worksheet try Quest
Chapter 1 try Beginner Level
Test try Boss Level

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