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after school activities to promote social-emotional development

Find out the interests of your students and incorporate them into after-school activities and clubs to promote social-emotional development. Here are a few examples along with technology tools you can leverage to enhance the experience for students. Click the logos below to check out each tool.

Club Anime

  • Use Pixton Comics to create anime characters to download and use in other apps. (freemium)
  • Google Drawings is a great canvas for creating original anime.

Gamers League

  • Start an open forum to discuss all types of games and strategies. For a fun game feel include interactive quiz apps, like Gimkit, Quizizz, and Kahoot. (freemium)
  • Get students working collaboratively to solve puzzles using BreakoutEDU. An engaging way to incorporate the 4Cs and SEL. (freemium)

Coding and Robotics

  • provides coding curriculum and activities for students. (free)
  • Get started with Vexcode VR where students can code a robot virtually. (free)

Steam Team

Utilize your access to the Discovery Education platform to find engaging STEAM activities. Check out the new “Keeping you Connected to Curiosity” curricular resources to promote wonder and inquiry.


  • Use the microphone only mode in Flipgrid to have students record their own podcasts. (free)
  • Use Wakelet to curate exemplars of podcasts to share with students or have students collaborate to curate resources for their own podcasts. (free)

Graphic Novelists

  • Explore and discuss graphic novels with Epic Books. (free)
  • Get students creating their own graphic novels with Pixton Comics. (freemium)

Use after school activities to create a space for students to collaborate and feel a sense of belonging as they pursue common interests.

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