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ONE: inspirED Students inspirED believes that young people’s voices matter. This website offers free resources, designed by teens, educators, and SEL experts, to empower students to work together to create more positive school climates and foster greater wellbeing in their schools and communities.

TWO: Facing History and Ourselves This website includes ways to foster empathy and reflection, improve students’ academic performance, reinvigorate teachers, and build safe and inclusive schools.

THREE: Purpose Challenge Toolkit The Purpose Challenge’s free online toolkit will help you find your own unique sense of purpose.

FOUR: The VIA Character Strengths Survey The VIA Survey is a free, scientific survey of character strengths. Take this simple character test in 15 minutes or less and reveal your greatest strengths.

FIVE: ACT For Youth SEL Strategies and Tools This website provides several general strategies and tools to promote social and emotional learning that are youth-centered.

SIX: 17 Self-Awareness Activities and Exercises (+Test) How self-aware do you feel you are? Self-awareness is often defined as the ability to engage in some kind of reflective awareness. As you develop an awareness of the self, you begin to connect with your own unique identity. This website provides self-awareness tools that you can use.

SEVEN: 27 Resilience Activities and Worksheets for Students and Adults Resilience is the ability to adapt and everyone can demonstrate resilience. Resilience is a learned ability and one that you can build. This website provides a variety of ideas and activities for you.

EIGHT9 Mindfulness Exercises and Activities for Teens This website offers a variety of mindful exercises and activities for you to try. There is a growing body of research to support the many benefits of mindfulness practice.

NINE25 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children and Teens What does mindfulness do to spark “the joy of just being?” And, how can you start to benefit from its practice? This article delves into both of these questions and includes plenty of activities to start using today.

TENVideos About Empathy For Kids What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to understand another person from their perspective. It teaches you to be helpful and to communicate better. Enjoy some videos on empathy.

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