Ever wondered how Administrators and Teachers in your building would use the new “SEL Roadmap” in their classrooms once we returned for the 20-21 school year? Here is a link to a “Flipgrid” assignment that asks both the Administrators and the Teachers to reflect on the critical attributes of the newest addition to the SEL curriculum and how they will employ each of the critical attributes in the upcoming year.

Even if you didn’t give this to them before the start of the year, it will help reinforce the important SEL concepts throughout the year.

Use the QR code to take you to the Flipgrid website and to the template for the assignment. Please be sure to copy the Filpgrid template and then create a site-specific version for your school. If you send this code out to your teachers, then their answers/responses will be recorded on the “Duplicate” template and everyone will be able to see them.

Here is how to copy/duplicate and save your own version:

  1. Use this link on a PC to open the Flipgrid Educator Dashboard:  https://flipgrid.com/1d3207ca.
  2. On the “Actions” tab on the right, click into the dropdown menu and select “Duplicate Group”.
  3. Once a duplicate group is created, click on the Pencil icon next to the “Actions” tab and change the name of the Flipgrid.  At this point, the Flipgrid will be automatically given a new link/QR code.  Make sure to review the “Public” and “Private” security options as well. 
  4. Create a QR Scan code for your participants by clicking the “Share” tab.

Questions:  Email me at rjsalter@washoeschools.net 

Here’s the QR code to the “Duplicate” template so you can see what it will look like to your participants. 

qr code to scan for duplicating the flipgrid

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