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Virtual Culture Building Routines

  1. Use theme day questions – Have a different theme for each day of the week. Ask “would you rather” wuestions on Wednesdays or for song suggestions on “Music Monday”.
  2. Consistency in Assignments – Routines and consistency help build a positive classroom culture. Keep due dates for assignments the same each week (i.e. discussions due Thursday)
  3. Digital Organization – Help students set up digital folders at the beginning of the year to store classwork. Encourage students to use checklists and digital sticky notes for tasks and due dates.
  4. Social Emotional Learning – Start live lessons with questions about student’s current state of mind. Ask them to share an item in their home that makes them smile.
  5. Offer Choices to Students – Foster student independence by offering students choice. Let them choose their groups for discussions or a creative medium for projects.
  6. Help students set goals – Provide opportunities for students to set goals and reflect on them each week, month, or unit. Students can encourage their classmates through digital discussion!
  7. Open Communication – Use tools like a class website, Padlet, Jamboard, Canvas discussions, and Google Hangout/Canvas Chat for open communication between students.
  8. Share your Personality – Digital tools can help you showcase your personality in your online classroom. Create a Bitmoji classroom, share old photos, or record silly videos for students.
  9. “One Stop Shop” for Resources – Give students and families a consistent place to check for resources. Use a class site, a hyperlinked document, or an interactive classroom for your course homepage.