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Title of infographic, "Gamify" your digital classrom

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Google Suite

Use Google Slides, Docs, and Forms to make digital versions of popular games. Click the links below for templates. Find other game templates at Slidesmania.

Vocabulary Tools

  • Quizlet
    • Practice vocabulary with digital flashcards. Play games like Match and Gravity. Use breakout rooms for Team competitions with Quizlet Live.
    • Create private rooms for up to 12 players. Add a list of custom vocabulary words that students have to draw and others must guess. Faster guesses means more points.


Convert Google Sheets into flashcards, crossword puzzles, board games and more!

Review Games

  • Bingo
    • Create a custom Bingo board or find a pre-made one on the site. Each student gets a different Bingo card!
  • Gimkit
    • Earn money with correct answers and buy power-ups. Compete against others or work as a team to achieve a money goal.
  • Quizizz
    • Answer questions quickly and correctly to increase your score. Live sessions include power-ups and sabotages.
  • Kahoot
    • Students can showcase their knowledge and speed against classmates. Fast and correct means high scores!

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