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  1. Create a Canvas course for each counselor named wellness checks and loaded in students on each
    counselor caseload.
  2. Create a Quiz in canvas with the following questions:
    a. Are there concerns that you have that might limit you in engaging in learning activities during
    distance education?
    b. if yes, please list your concerns, if no please input N/A.
    c. Is there anything that concerns you regarding your daily lessons?
    d. If you answered yes, please list any concerns you have regarding your daily lessons, if “no” please
    type N/A
    e. Are you in need of any supplies or groceries?
    f. If yes, please let us know what essential supplies you would need, if no, please type N/A.
  3. Set up the quiz to automatically grade students based on multiple choice questions. If the student
    responds in a manner that requires no additional assistance then the quiz will be scored as 100% if a
    student responds to a question as in needing assistance then the counselor will reach out at this point to
    determine a plan of action to help the student.
  4. Create Modules for each week
  5. Copy the quiz to each module
  6. Send out information to parents and students when you want the quiz to be taken by each week. Let
    students and parents know that if students do not take the quiz that the school will be reaching out by
    phone and email.

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