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Are your students struggling with completing assignments and participating in class?
Have they mentioned feeling stuck or unmotivated? Help them back aboard motivation
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Top 5 Classroom Motivation Strategies

Set goals with students.

Students of all ages tend to do better when they have accessible and achievable goals to follow. Set goals as a class or individually each week, each unit, or each quarter/semester.

Use a digital rewards program.

Even though we’re learning at home, students still love fun rewards! Have students select a digital reward using a Google form when they turn in assignments early or win games.

Foster a motivational environment.

Start the class with fun attendance questions. Share motivational quotes and videos with students.

Engage in personalized communication.

A one-on-one check in with students and their families goes a long way. Share your own struggles with staying motivated and share strategies that you have used in your own life.

Show grace, give choice, and get feedback.

Students need a safety net, especially when they’re struggling. Give students choice on how to complete assignments. Allow students to redo assignments to show mastery. Get info about their needs and ask for their opinion on how to improve class.

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