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Social Emotional Learning with BrainPOP

Brainpop has a variety of resources that can help students understand and manage emotions
and set and achieve goals. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) attributes, such as
perseverance, empathy, and mindfulness, contribute to students’ success in school and beyond.

Self-Awareness and Self-Management

Social Awareness and Relationship Skills

Responsible Decision Making

Social and Emotional Skills (CASEL) Development

Specifically Designed Instruction


BrainPOP is effective for individualized SEL instruction. Students’ goals can be met by explicit SEL topics that students can watch on an individualized and just-in-time basis. With BrainPOP’s Talk About It feature, students brainstorm ways to cope with their emotions.

Differentiated Instruction

Small Groups

BrainPOP supports targeted instruction for smaller groups. Using the assignment builder, teachers can differentiate content, learning process, and student product.
Teacher-designed instruction can be targeted to individual needs and

Universally-Designed Core Instruction

Whole Classroom

BrainPOP offers a collection of topics with activities teachers can assign that address SEL.

Student creativity tools include: Make-a-Movie, Make-a-Map, and Creative Coding, providing students with voice and choice to express their own meaning of the resource.

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