Teacher Introduction to Google Classroom – A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you need to learn Google Classroom from the basics? This step-by-step tutorial will take you through each area of Google Classroom and give you tasks to complete to build your own Google Classroom and experiment with the different features before sharing with your students. These step-by-step directions will take you from a beginner to an advanced Google Classroom teacher.

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Video: Getting Started with Google Classroom

This video guide instructs viewers on how to use various features in Google Classroom. Its intended audience is teachers who are new to Google Classroom, but could also be used by administrators. The video includes instructions on the following:
Creating a class
Customizing your stream
Posting announcements
Advanced settings
Inviting students and guardians
Organizing classwork
Creating assignments, questions, and materials
Grading assignments

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Video: Digital Math Activities for Littles – Part 1

This video will instruct teachers how to digitally create manipulatives for their primary students. They will be using Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, or Apple Keynote to create ten frames and base 10 blocks for students to manipulate on any device.

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Video: Google Forms for Assessment

In this video, viewers learn how to create a Google form to be used for assessment. The following topics are covered:

How to start a form
Settings for making it a quiz
Question types
Adding multimedia
How to share with students
What it would look like once completed
How to release the results to students
Useful advanced tips & tricks

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Chrome Extensions for Teachers

This infographic provides teachers with various Google Chrome extensions they can use to improve their blended learning practices. The infographic groups extensions in the following categories:
Videos and Live Lessons
Interactive Materials
Grades and Feedback
Organize and Communicate

Teachers can click on the icons to locate the link to add each extension. The infographic also links teachers to a document with more detailed descriptions of each extension as well as examples of how to use it in their classrooms for blended/online learning.

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Google Forms for Education

This One Pager highlights why Administrators and Teachers would want to use Google Forms. It lists examples of how you can use Google Forms in the educational environment. There are links to tutorials for getting started with using both Google Forms and Google Sheets. There is also a link on how to use the Google Sheet Add-on Autocrat in order to merge information from your form/sheet into both documents and slides.

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